Yoga before bed

Though physical exercises are not usually desirable just after lunch or dinner, there are specific asanas which could be practiced after lunch or dinner. Supta Virasana is one such unique posture wherein the individual positions himself in Virasana and then lies down backwards.

To practice this asana, sit down stretching the legs. Now bend your legs to bring the legs under the hips. This is Virasana. Remain in this position and then lie backwards positioning each hand above the head. Make sure that the upper palm touches the floor. Remain in this position for as much time as possible while taking deep breath.This will provide adequate stretch, flexibility and strength to the body

Benfits:  Continuous practice of this asana will provide adequate strength and flexibility of stomach muscles and thus boost sexual potency. This asana is very helpful for people who indulge in increased physical exertions like sports professionals as it strengthens and relaxes the stomach muscles.