Yoga for stronger muscles and peaceful mind


The asana gets its name from Lord Vishnu, who rested in this pose on the snake Anantha during the great floods of the Puranas. This asana is beneficial for those suffering from ailments like varicose vein and back pain. The asana will also improve the flexibility of the hips.

To practice this asana, lie down with the right side of your body with the head resting on the right hand folded near the head. Now lift your left leg and hold it with your left hand. Fix your eyes on the left thumb toe and make sure that your knees don’t bend and is stretched.

Now breathe slowly and experience your mind becoming calm.

Simple Vamanasana:

Vamana is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu who was short in stature and the asana involves standing on one knees and thus resembling a dwarf.

To practice this asana, stand erect and then bend your knees to stand on your knees. Hold your foot with your hands and keep your hands stretched. Try to remain in this position for some time and if possible, walk in the same position on your knees.

Being a balancing pose, this will enhance the shape and strength of your knees along with improving your concentration and mental relaxation.