Yoga Instructor and Young Artist Receive Appreciation from Prime Minister Modi

Yoga instructor Thirumathi Dhivya has been overwhelmed and blessed after receiving an appreciation letter from the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO).All of these events transpired, after PM-designate Modi noticed the portrait of Dhivya during his election campaign in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. PM-designate Modi , had urged his team to collect the portrait as soon as he noticed the portrait.

“We are very blessed. On behalf of the entire Coimbatore, we would like to congratulate Narendra Modi on winning with such a huge number. During his rally in Coimbatore, he noticed the portrait that we were holding. He then asked to collect that portrait from us. We are really overwhelmed and blessed to receive this from PMO. We have been gifted,” ANI reported quoting Yoga instructor Thirumathi Dhivya.

Ratan Shankar Singh, a talented sketch artist and sixth-grade student, also garnered recognition from Prime Minister-designate Narendra Modi. Ratan’s intricate painting, which depicted the nation’s development initiatives, caught the attention of PM Modi during a public rally in Patna. Impressed by the artwork, the Prime Minister instructed the Special Protection Group (SPG) to retrieve the painting and obtain contact details from the young artist.

In a letter dated June 7, PM Modi expressed his admiration for Ratan’s creativity and skill. The young student, who attends St. Xavier’s School, aspires to become an IAS officer and draws inspiration from PM Modi’s commitment to progress.

Meanwhile, preparations are underway for PM Modi’s swearing-in ceremony on Sunday at 6 p.m. Stringent security measures have been implemented in the national capital to ensure the smooth execution of this significant event. Dignitaries from around the world will be in attendance.