Yoga poses for maintaining hair health

You can be sure that when the thickness of your beautiful hair becomes thin and the hairline starts receding, the health of your hair is deteriorating.  It is a matter of great concern for everybody as there is a general belief that healthy hair makes one youthful.  Most of the people face this difficulty in the age group of 35-50  and they would be already in a sceptical mood thinking   their youthfulness is at stake.

Hair fall adds tension.  There are many reasons for hair falling and losing its charm.  It is not necessary it happens because of getting old, as many youngsters also face this problem.  Researchers have found stress in daily life is the main villain in this matter.  And it is also very difficult to live without stress nowadays as our lifestyle has changed a lot. So worrying about the lost hair health will only add to your other woes.

 A lifestyle change that includes proper intake of nutrients and exercises may help much in this situation.  It is to be noted that  along with proper food intake,  practising  Yoga regularly  can play a wonderful role in maintaining your overall health.

 Yoga reduces stress and makes your body and mind calm. Its rejuvenation ability is    a great help during this mid life crisis period, to alleviate many health issues including hair fall.

It is scientifically proved it could relieve stress and bring back youth and normal body functions. Once you are free from stress and the body functions normal, mind becomes calm, hair fall and other stress-related issues would vanish.

A look at some specific Yoga poses that can be practised in this regard.


Lie down facing the floor and keep your legs together. Stretch your toes to the maximum. Keep your palm close to your shoulder and raise the body including face, shoulders, chest, and stomach until navel using the hands. While rising up, breathe in and balance your body on the hands.

Benefits: Hips and related body parts are strengthened with these asanas and it helps enhance digestion. This asana can be effective in dealing with conditions like gas trouble, heart burns and acidity. It also improves the elasticity of lungs and heart. The muscles of the hand and the back are also strengthened with this asana. This can subsequently help in preventing stroke.


Sit down in Vajrasana and then, standing on your knees, bend your body backwards, keeping your palms on the foot. Remain in this position for some time, concentrating on the breath. Breathe out and come back to the initial position.

Benefits: Along with improving the elasticity of the heart, the spine and the lungs, this asana is also helpful in improving the circulation of blood in the body.  This asana is also helpful in effectively dealing with epilepsy, stress and tensions.


 lie down facing upwards breathe in and lift your legs and place them behind your head on the floor. Breathe out and come back to the initial position.


Trikonasana or utthita trikonasana, Triangle Pose is an asana is performed while standing straight.


Stand straight with the legs 1 m apart. Hold the hands horizontal to the floor and make sure that the palms face the floor. Now put your right leg towards the front.  Bend the body towards the right and touch the right foot with your right hand. Exhale while you bend down. Make sure that you do not bend your knee. Lift your left hand up and look towards the left hand fingertip. Make sure that the right hand and left hand form a straight line. Take deep breath in this position for 30 to 60 seconds and repeat with alternate legs.


The daily practice of Trikonasana strengthens the muscles in the legs and improves the flexibility of the waist. It is effective in the treatment of back pain and neck pain and helps in the gradual expansion of the chest. Effective in enhancing digestion, this asana, if done mindfully, can improve awareness and thus keeping both the mind and the body more relaxed and calm.