Yoga postures to improve intelligence

Yoga is not just physical activity but rather is aimed towards the overall growth of human being by fostering brain activity. It also helps in increasing concentration,memory power, confidence, energy level etc. It also helps in maintaining the equilibrium of body and mind and also helps in increasing the enduring capacity of the human being. This simultaneous improvement in physical endurance and intelligence traits sums up the importance of yoga in one’s life. There are some specific asanas aimed towards accommodating these features explicitly. They are as follows:

Tolangulasana (Weighing scale pose)

This asana is an extension of Padmasana. Those who practice Padmasana can easily gain mastery of this asana.Practice of Tolangulasana improves concentration and makes one more attentive and sharp.

Directions for practice:
Sit down and stretch your legs

Sit down and stretch your legs. Bend the right leg and keep it on the left thigh with the foot of the right leg posing upwards. Do the same with left leg. Now the practitioner is in the position of Padmasana. Sit on Padmasana. Place the hands by the side of the hip. Raise your upper torso from hip to head pressing on the hands. Raise lower part-that is the Padmasana. Head, backbone will remain on the same line. Stay in this pose for 30 to 1 minutes.

Stomach muscle stretches and body lightens. Back bone and thigh bones become stronger. Moreover as we extend awareness to our body parts concentration naturally improves.

Ekapadachakrasana -One Legged Wheel Pose

This asana readies the body in the shape of a wheel and while keeping this position if one holds the leg up wards, Ekapadachakrasana sets up.

Lie down on your back with feet apart. Now slowly bend your knees and place your feet on the ground close to your body. Now bring your palms under your shoulders such that the fingers point towards the shoulders and the elbows are shoulder-width apart. Inhale and press your palms firmly into the floor. Inhale and lift your shoulders and hips to form an arch like position.When you feel balanced, slowly lift your leg and while balancing your body weight on the other leg and arms, bring your leg up as straight as possible.Slowly bring your leg down again and then lift the other one.Repeat this with alternate legs each time. Come down exhaling and lie town

It is found that those who practice this asana daily have high memory power and their back bone becomes more flexible. Blood circulation improves and body glow augments.


How to practice: Stand still with legs hip-width apart. Inhale and bend forward and try to touch the knees with the head. Remainin this position for sometime and come back to the normal position.

Benefits: By doing this asana blood circulation improves and consequently, brain will receive more blood thus improving memory power. Muscles in the stomach and waist area become flexible. The glow of the body increases.